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Rent Guitars, Amps & Effects


To rent a guitar, amp, effects or other instrument you simply need to come instore, choose your gear and apply. The application process takes approximately 10 minutes. Applications are usually approved while you wait (approximately 30 mins). You will need I.D. and payment (banking/card) details. If further details are required Studio19 will contact you. Once approved you can take your gear home. The minimum rental amount is $399 for 6 months (or $599 for 12 months) which could simply cover a couple of new pedals, rent for 6 months and then return them.

If you are shopping online or you are not local you can still rent. Please call us on 02 9817 2173 and we can go through the application over the phone and then ship the goods to you.

Gladesville Guitar Factory are happy to announce this rental option through Studio19. This is currently only available instore and we will soon roll it out online.  It's a great way to be able to take home and play the gear you want if you don't have the full amount upfront. It's also an excellent option if you feel you may not need a piece of equipment forever, you can simply rent it for a minimum of 6 months. Another example would be for beginners that aren't sure if they will stick to guitar and don't wish to commit to an expensive instrument - it's great for schools too! You can also apply to buy at any time.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I Upgrade My Rental?
Yes, you can upgrade your rental to a higher priced model any time after the minimum rental period. For further information contact Studio19 Rentals on 1300 889 560.

How Do I Return My Rental When The Contract Is Up?
Simply phone Studio19's service team on 1300 889 560 and they will advise you of contact details for their Courier, who will collect and return the rental for a nominal fee. Naturally you can also return your product to the dealers from whom you obtained the product from.

What About Insurance?
The product you have rented is valuable. Unless you have elected to take up the optional protection plan as part of your application (if offered in relation to your selected product), we suggest you think about insurance. You may be covered by your normal household contents insurance but it would be advisable to check this with your insurer.

Can I Purchase My Rental Product?
We hope you enjoy using this product, and at some point you may wish to consider purchasing it. While your contract is a rental contract, you can nevertheless make an offer to buy the product at any time. As a general guide your Studio19 Dealer will show some prices at various points in time, which we believe represent a fair value for the product at those times. As a further guide, if you were to continue renting for 24 months this value would be approximately equal to one months rental. We are happy to consider any purchase offer so feel free to contact us at any time to enquire about purchasing. Payment by approved purchasers is by way of a one-off payment, either by credit card, direct deposit or cheque.

What is the Risk?
There's no small print, no surprises. If you find the product is not for you, you can simply call us on 1300 889 560 to arrange its return after the minimum period. No Fuss.

Who Can Apply?
Everyone! We welcome applications from everyone, including university students, part-time workers and senior citizens. However you do need to be over eighteen years of age to place an application. If you are under eighteen, please ask a parent or guardian to apply on your behalf.

How Can I Apply?
You are welcome to come into our store to apply. Application will only take about 10 minutes. This system will soon be rolled out to online purchases.

How Long Does Approval Take?
Approval will normally take less than 30 minutes. Sometimes it may take a bit longer as we may contact you for additional information to help us assess your application.

What is the Minimum Rental Period?
There is a minimum rental period depending on your chosen product. If you return the product before the end of the minimum rental period you will need to pay the balance of rental changes for the full minimum rental period. However, after the minimum rental period, how long you continue to rent the product is completely up to you. You can return it whenever you wish. You might also wish to consider upgrading.

Is There a Bond?

What does the 'First Payment' amount on the price list include?
The first payment includes the first month's rental, handling and account set-up.

How are the Payments Debited?
The rental payments are debited on a set date each month from either your nominated bank account via the direct debit system or a credit card (Mastercard or Visa). If the date falls on a weekend or public holiday, the payments will be debited on the next business day.

Can I Change the Payment Date?
It may be possible to change the date to fit in with your salary and other commitments. Please call Studio19's Contract Administration department on 1300 889 560 to discuss.

What About Repairs and Servicing?
During the course of your rental contract, we will carry out such maintenance and repairs that we accept is required due to normal use to keep the rental in proper working ordering. While this is at no cost to you, it does not include any consumables. Alternatively if necessary we will replace the rental. If you believe that the rental requires maintenance or repairs, please contact Studio19's service team on 1300 889 560 for an assessment of the problem.

For more details, come instore or call 02 9817 2173

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